When clients have something already created that need some fine tuning, I am able to help. Case in point: Had someone send me an image they created, asking that I re-create the main logo (the wings) in black and white with no grey undertones whatsoever as he had planned on using the image to be etched into an actual aluminum data plate as seen on Boeing planes. Below is what he had sent me, including a sample of an actual data plate:

Date Plate 2


I vectorized the wings, fixed the typography and even messed with different fonts. Since client gets what client asks for, I kept things simple like he requested, and at the last minute, he asked that I make the dimensions rectangular like a business card. After re-adjusting certain parts of the image, I was able to give the client what he asked for. Below is one of the final drafts I created and the one beneath that is the final image sent to the client.

Date Plate MAIN

If you ever have a graphic you’ve created, but it just needs some fine tuning, I can do that for you!